Online consultations

Are you struggling to overcome an injury or see progress with your running? Access one of the leading running physios from the comfort of your own home and begin your journey today.

1:1 Online physiotherapy consultations/coaching

I help runners who are struggling with bespoke rehab plans and guidance. This will be done by gaining a detailed history of your symptoms/previous injury history as well as assessing certain movements. Following this we can discuss a treatment plan to help get you back to doing what you love.

I also offer one to one coaching to help you understand what areas you might be struggling with when it comes to achieving consistency within your training. With the level of knowledge and expertise within this field I can help you achieve your running goals through a bespoke running and strength plan.


Once you understand what may be causing the issue, having a bespoke plan and guidance is key to successful rehab.

An understanding of your injury

A key part of getting back to doing what you love is understanding what the issue actually is and also, what may have caused this issue so that you don’t make the same mistakes going forward.

Check – ins

Weekly check-ins with Aidan will ensure you stay on track and any burning questions you may have, Aidan will be on hand to answer

Start your journey with Aidan today.